Bridezillas Wedding Officiant Dominates Amazing Episode 10

bridezillas wedding officiant

Bridezillas like attention and there’s nothing like being on TV. And there’s nothing like being on a popular TV show. People have actually stopped Chris on the street after this episode aired, which he finds funny.

Weddings Should be Fun

Officiant Guy, Chris was the wedding officiant on Bridezillas Episode 10 featured Kristina and Robert as bride and groom. Naturally, there was more drama than most of the guests expected.

Kristina was the bridezilla who was dealing with her mom who needed a significant amount of attention and her sisters who had some jealousy issues. Jealousy issues are much more common on a wedding day than you may expect.

Chris was shown on camera kindly offering his own wedding ring to Kristina when she realized that she had forgotten to bring the wedding ring for her groom. Bridezillas don’t like when things do not go as planned.

During the wedding ceremony, Chris kept his cool while Kristina broke down and wept about her deceased father. It was a very emotional marriage ceremony in Los Angeles. The Officiant Guy, again, was a calming influence.

Bridezillas Have Their Own Thought Process

Every wedding is different but most follow a pretty standard set of traditions. Some brides, and some grooms for that matter, seem to make everything more difficult than necessary.

Chris has seen weddings start late because the napkins for the reception were not the right color. He’s seen a bride refuse to let her soon-to-be mother-in-law be a part of the wedding procession.

He once had to convince a bride that nobody was laughing at her dress.

One bridezilla was so outraged that a wedding guest brought the groom’s old girlfriend as a guest that she demanded that the couple leave before wedding could begin.

Another bride had done so much cocaine that she couldn’t keep still and kept having to blow her nose during the ceremony.

One wedding started late because the bride and maid of honor got in a fist fight before the ceremony. By the time the wedding started they were drunk and hugging each other.

Whether you are feeling wonderful on your wedding day or you are out of sorts for one reason or another, the Officiant Guy will be honored to be a part of your wedding ceremony in Los Angeles or any place else in Southern California.

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Call Chris. He’s the best wedding officiant in Southern California even if Bridezillas try to mike his life harder. The way he sees it there is almost nothing better than having a new story to tell. Of course, he doesn’t name names.

Chris Robinson is a California nondenominational wedding minister. He has been performing wedding ceremonies and delivering California confidential marriage licenses for over two decades.

Remember that everyone at your wedding is there because they care about you and are happy for you. Have fun on your wedding day and enjoy the memories of the joyous occasion.

Do not be a bridezilla.

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