Wedding Officiant on Other Television Shows

a TV set with the Officiant Guy just after he helped 2 people get married in California
Chris, the Officiant Guy, has been on many TV shows doing what he does best: helping people get married!

1000 Ways to Lie

Chris was a wedding officiant on the pilot episode on Spike TV’s “1000 Ways to Lie.”

It was a television show and satire of the popular TV show “1000 Ways to Die”. The series was not picked up.

Dr. Steve-O

“Dr. Steve-O” was the sidekick for Johnny Knoxville on “Jackass” and in this TV show on the USA network he helped people in Southern California by doing stunts and create fake situations. Officiant Guy was on episode 5 and popped out from behind a tree and pretended to marry a couple. The “groom” was challenged to marry Dr. Steve-O’s hot assistant. Chris, being good-natured, went along as long as nobody was hurt. No real marriage license was issued, but a fake wedding license was “issued”.

Down the Aisle in Style

Chris was so, so busy filming television shows that he can’t even recall what this show was about. It was cancelled anyway.