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Surprise! It’s My Wedding

By Alison Lapp

. . .Surprise weddings have become more prevalent in the past several years, according to Los Angeles County wedding officiate Chris Robinson. He has been marrying couples for about 15 years but said he only encountered couples wanting to make it a surprise within the past five.

Often, he said, people who opt for a surprise are seeking an antidote to the “Bridezilla” syndrome, in which the bride-to-be dedicates many months and a small fortune to creating a perfect, and perfectly extravagant, wedding.

Surprise weddings prevent overbearing family members from imposing their “suggestions,” he said, and in at least one case even the bride was kept out of the loop. Robinson once hid while a man proposed by the ocean, only to pop out with their families moments after the flabbergasted woman became a fiancee.

“Ten minutes after getting engaged, they were married on the beach,” he said…

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