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Are you looking for romantic wedding venues to get married in California?

Here is a list of California wedding venues, California ceremony sites, and chapels for weddings for a Southern California wedding to suit you. On the left side of this page scroll down to find a perfect wedding venue for you based on either location or wedding type. This wedding officiant in Southern California, Officiant Guy, has married countless couples in many sorts of wedding venues in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and San Bernardino County. Here are some of the wedding places he has officiated weddings. If you are looking for unique wedding locations that aren’t listed here, call him. He has been in every inch of Los Angeles County and he can help in deciding on the best Southern California wedding venue for you and you alone. This list of wedding locations is steadily growing.

Officiant Guy is happy to provide you with recommendations for hundreds of wedding venues in Los Angeles, many wedding locations in Orange County, and California wedding venues in other counties. There are hundreds of places on the website including wedding venues for hire such as banquet halls, hotels and restaurants, but also plenty of beach wedding locations and parks where you can have your ceremony for free. Just call him and he can suggest some wedding locations after you book your wedding. He would love to be your wedding officiant.

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