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These are just some of the thanks you cards, emails & reviews from clients which explain why The Officiant Guy gets many referrals to be a wedding officiant in California:

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Chris Robinson, Officiant Guy
“It’s rare you come across such amazing service these days & always a huge surprise when you do. Chris, from your first response to our enquiry, to sharing a glass of champagne with our friends after the ceremony you were an absolute dream to work with. You truly made the whole process totally painless & smooth as clockwork. Great efficiency, knowledge of any & all issues we needed to query, sensitive to our every issue, unbelievably flexible & super professional. We’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your wonderful service.Our sincerest thanks always.”


“Chris is the MAN!”


“You performed my wedding to Jeff…. It was bedside. Jeff died the next day. Thank you so much for coming on such short notice. Jeff looked very happy during the ceremony and that’s the memory I am cherishing. I greatly appreciate what you did for us.”


“Thank you so much for participating in our day. We enjoyed every minute of it and we appreciated you being prompt professional and personable. You must love your job! ”


“Thank you for the best wedding ceremony ever!  We couldn’t have done this without your help, Chris.  We never knew how complicated it could be to get married and you were so helpful and so knowledgeable that you put us at ease and made us feel taken care of.  I’m such a worrier and it was so wonderful to not have to worry about our wedding minister because you really know your stuff!  It sure helps that you are an attorney because there’s a lot more legal stuff than we care to know about getting married with immigration and visa problems but you knew so much about what we needed to do.  You made it so easy for us.”


“I was so nervous in front of all of our friends and family during our beach wedding ceremony—it’s such a big moment in your life to get married and it seemed so surreal.  But you made it so calming for us—not only is your voice very soothing but your manner is so gentle that we just glided right through.  It was a moment I’ll never forget and I really appreciate your being there for us.”


“Thanks for not only officiating at our wedding ceremony, but being very helpful with our California marriage licence.  Plus, that wedding vow kit you emailed us really helped us to put together a wedding vow that really fit our relationship and our personalities.”


“. . .great recommendation on that really quiet beach for our wedding location.  It was so cool to be there all by ourselves.   And thanks for recommending our photographer who was so artistic and fun.  You were essential to our sanity in planning our wedding.”


“I had no idea how legally complicated it was to get married on a cruise.  Apparently it’s a bureaucratic nightmare after you get back home.  I’m so glad I checked before we went out to sea.  Thankfully you were there for us.  We were so glad you were there so quickly.  Right on!  We called you on Monday, and you got us a marriage licence and married us on a moments notice before we sailed.  Thanks so much for being there and explaining the details of how to get an emergency marriage license.  We appreciate your help.”


“Please accept our sincere thanks for all of your help in officiating our wedding. . . This was a memorable day for us and thanks to you everything was exactly how we imagined it would be. Our day was truly perfect!  We found your services to be professional in every way. You made us feel comfortable before the wedding that everything would be taken care of. The day of the wedding, you showed up on time (as promised) and were prepared for every possible circumstance. It was wonderful knowing that we never had to worry.  We will be happy to refer your services to other couples who are holding a wedding in Southern California. . .”


“. . .and we appreciate that you were so open-minded about our wishes to have atheist wedding vows.   Sorry I grilled you when we talked on the phone about it, but my best friend’s wedding officiant promised to honor their wishes about performing a non-religious wedding ceremony, but then the wedding minister slipped in the Lord’s Prayer at the end!!  He was furious because if you’re asking for a nonreligious ceremony, you’re asking for a non-religous ceremony.  I just didn’t want to go through the same thing.  But you were great!  I feel like you understood us.  Thanks for being so respectful of who we are.”


“Chris, Thank you so much for making our simple ceremony meaningful and fun! You have a great style and personality, and you have a wonderful family. Thanks for being there for our special day. We wish the best of luck. . .”


“He’s a celebrity officiant, but he’s really sweet and genuine.”


“I just wanted to write to you to thank you for a lovely highlight to an amazing day. It was just perfect. I loved the way that the day unfolded and it was better than I had ever imagined. I think you have a great way of conducting the proceedings from the paperwork to the ceremony, and we are both very appreciative of this . . . Many thanks,”


“Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so perfect. Your calm and aplomb set the tone and made us feel relaxed and comfortable. We’ll tell our un-married friends about you!”


“We wanted to thank you for the excellent way you handled our wedding ceremony. Your calm presence was appreciated and your recitation of our vows was dignified and heartfelt. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”


“Thanks again Chris!!!! what a stroke of good fortune it was finding you. . .”


“We apologize for not writing you earlier, but we wanted to thank you so much for your participation in our special day. We really appreciate you waiting in the lines for us and for helping us through writing the vows. I (Bri) was nervous going into the day that this, that, or the other wouldn’t go as planned, but your calmness and deliberateness throughout the ceremony gave our marriage a very positive start. We wouldn’t have changed a thing! 🙂 . . .Thank you again!”


“Thank you again for being a part of our special day. I have to say that in our book, your nickname should be “The Efficient Guy”. You handled all of our questions so smoothly and quickly, and we really appreciated that.”


“Chris was fabulous. He was so sweet, on time and did not hesitate in having to get his feet dirty in the sand for our beach wedding. Thank you Chris for your flexibility and for your warmth and kindness. We appreciate you participating in our day and making it as special as it was. ”

“Excellent wedding ceremony, Chris. You were very helpful, kind and respectful. My mother LOVES you. We do too, but she can’t stop talking about the fact that the wedding minister who married Hugh Hefner married her son and daughter-in-law. As a wedding officiant, you are top-notch.”

“We love our wedding ceremony. You were the best officiant and we are very happy. We will refer people to you. Thank you so much.”


“Chris was great! Exactly what we were looking for! We had total control with our ceremony and made it exactly how we had always envisioned. Chris was able to review it and give us his opinion and reassured us that it made sense and flowed nicely. He has a great calming voice and was very respectful. Thanks Chris for being apart of our day!”


“I highly recommend Officiant Guy.We had to bump up our wedding date for family and they made sure to accomodate us. The information they provide to plan your wedding ceremony is great and effortless. They made our day truly special!Thanks very much. ”


“Chris, I thought you’d like to know that David died on Friday. I think he was just hanging around so we could be married. Thank you so much for facilitating our marriage. The next month will be easier because you helped us marry.”


“Chris was great and delivered our ceremony in the exact way we wanted. The price was reasonable. The only drawback is that he will not meet you before the wedding day. While this made me a little nervous, don’t worry… consider it one less appt in a busy bride/groom schedule and trust that he will deliver the wedding you want.”


“This guy was very helpful. He answered all of our questions, and was willing to do exactly what we wanted. He showed up on time and looked very professional. The cost was a bit pricey compared to some others I had looked into, but overall it was worth it to feel confident that he was going to show up and give us the ceremony we wanted.”


“We were searching high and low for an officiant that was familiar with the Aloha tradition. Even within the Hawaiian communities in LA and Orange counties, we had no luck.

“Chris was recommended to us by our wedding planner. . . . He is flexible with the types of styles and ended up being the right choice.”Chris came in and precided over aour Aloha style wedding ceremony and pulled it off amazingly well. We threw him a bunch of Hawaiian words and lots of Aloha tradition for our ceremony, and he was able to work with it and make it flow smoothly. I’m sure that wasn’t the easiest of tasks. We were very pleased to have him there for us. Plus, Chris is just a nice guy.”


“Chris, Thank you so much for such a great day, you did such a fantastic ceremony that both of us will never forget. It was the happiest day of our lives. For 19 years we’ve been so happy together and thanks to you we feel so much closer.”


“Chris, we are finally back to the real world and wanted to let you know you were right. John did an outstanding job! When the wedding guests are commenting on how good he was you know he was great. Thank him very much for us. Things didn’t go quite as planned that day and John’s patience, support and calming presence got us through. When my daughter gets married I’ll see him again. From beginning to end you and your team made the whole Officiant experience one of the easiest parts of the wedding and John made it memorable. Thanks again,”


“Organising our wedding day from the UK was initially quite daunting, but once we had spoken to you and you explained the package you could provide we were relieved and excited. You were able to take away the stress and apprehension for us, and our wedding day was completely relaxed, memorable and most importantly legal!

In addition to the formal paperwork you completed for us you performed our ceremony perfectly. Enabling us to chose our vows was brilliant and it meant that our wedding was exactly as we had hoped for. ”


“Hi Chris!! We just wanted to thank you very much for the doing the honor of marrying us on Monday. As I explained the situation to you, I felt a little embarrassed, but you made me and Brandon feel very comfortable in our decision to have a “quickie” marriage. I am sure that you have heard all sorts of stories, but to us, it was a little awkward at first. But you made us feel very comfortable, and we are very happy that it is now done, and we are able to have more rights together, as a family. It has meant the world to us for you to be able to marry us on such short notice. We are so grateful for that!! Thank you, again. We are very happy. Please let us know if you need anything else, and if you could email me to confirm that you sent the certificate in, that would be great!! ”


“The Officiant Guy Rocks!. He took care of us very well. My wife and I really were blessed to have found the Officiant Guy. He made us feel comfortable and he knows a ton of stuff about getting married and all the ins and outs of the rules of the county clerks office. Some of the ministers we talked to while looking for the right fit seemed really clueless and we didn’t feel we could trust them to even fill out the paperwork, but when we spoke to Chris we knew that he knew his stuff. He seemed very organized and logical. We had a great wedding and he was very warm and friendly to everyone there. Chris, you rock!”


“Chris officiant guy great minister. Chris was fantastic to work with. We couldn’t be happier. We got marry in California but we aren’t familiar with the area. Chris took care of everything from liscense to location to vows! He was patient, knowledgeable polite and professional. He helped make our day very special and we are glad that he was part of it! I highly recommend Chris to officiate any type of wedding!”


“We loved this wedding minister. My wife and I loved Chris as our wedding minister. He was funny, smart and very organized. He is an attorney as well and that made our decision since I knew he would handle the paperwork correctly. He provided us with our wedding licence so he made it very convenient.”


“Would do it all over again!. I married the man of my dreams and we were all able to pull it off on the Queen Mary. Absolutely the best day of my life! He did a great job!’

“The Best Wedding Officiant!!. Okay, not only did Chris (the Officiant Guy) marry Scott Baio on VH1 but he is really cool. He was so professional and so smooth. Chris put us at ease by getting us our marriage license, giving us wedding vows, making my mom feel really good (she LOVES him), ad libbing parts of the wedding ceremony we asked him to throw in at last minute, and suggesting the perfect wedding venue (my fiance & I weren’t very pulled together so he made us look GOOD).

Chris was AMAZING! ”


“My husband and I woke up one Saturday morning, and decided to elope right away. We didn’t think it was possible.. but after doing a little research we came across the Officiant Guy. At first I was a little hesitant because on his website he was the Officiant to Kendra Wilkinson, Gene Simmons, Ricki Lake… and a bunch of other high profile celebrities. I thought that we weren’t a couple up to his standards and that he had better things to do than wed two young middle class individuals on a 5 hour notice. I was embarrassed to call because I hate rejection, so i had my husband do it. We were absolutely shocked by his response. Chris had told us his whole schedule for the day (which was pretty jam packed), and in the end he said he can meet us the same night at 7:30. The whole process was very stress free, worry free. We felt really bad about the short notice, but he made us feel at ease and told us about other situations like ours. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better Officiant than Chris! The most professional, kind, understanding, accommodating, and client oriented person EVER! THANK YOU CHRIS!!!! :)”


“Chris was great! Easy to work with, reliable, and can get your marriage license for you so one less thing to worry about 🙂 Highly recommend!”


“Chris officiated our wedding on September 27, 2010 and was a consummate professional. He rolled with everything that could have made the day difficult to handle: the crazy weather, the fact we were out of the country and unavailable up until the exact day of our wedding, and that we were running late (due to major GPS failure for everyone). He also was quite possibly the only person who did not have a goofy expression in any of the pictures (including those family “candid” shots). My family specifically mentioned to me that he spoke clearly and enunciated well and that they were very impressed by his presence.”


“I couldn’t agree more with the other 5 star reviews posted here. Chris was available at very short notice to help us complete our very impromptu wedding. He was prompt and professional in his communication and the service provided was more than I even hoped for such a last minute decision. We were able to “cut & paste” from the numerous ceremony styles he has available, to create just the style we wanted; and he made the short, private event still seem very special. He knew all the issues to deal with (we are not American citizens) and provided us with all the necessary documentation and information. Highly recommended!”


“I had a simple second marriage ceremony with my husband and our three kids last week and I couldn’t be happier with the Officiant Guy! It was completely stress free, honest! He took care of everything for our marriage license and was very knowledgeable about how I needed to go about changing my name legally. When it was time for the ceremony, he was very patient with our three young kids (ages 6,8,9) and delivered a very touching ceremony we had planned ahead of time. The Officiant Guy answered every email promptly, even when I had just a small question about vows or what location is best on the beach. He treated our little beach ceremony like it was just as important as a huge gathering. I truly appreciated his services and highly recommend him.”


“Chris made everything so easy for us the day of our wedding. He was super easy going and helped calm my already frayed nerves that day. In addition to performing our ceremony, he was also able to file our marriage license for us (he is a notary republic) and take care of all the paperwork so we didn’t even have to step foot in the county office and stand in that long line! For both those reasons we are grateful to him!”


“He was fast, informative and very touching when it came time for the ceremony. We planned a last-minute surprise wedding in a week and Chris took care of everything and answered all of my questions promptly. The best part – we never had to step foot in a court house!! ”


“Chris was wonderful! Polite professional patient flexible and responsive. We do not live in ca and he took care of everything from the location to the liscense to the vows. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed Chris being a part of it. He helped make it special . I strongly suggest using Chris to officiate any type of ceremony!!”


“Chris did a great job. I was at first slightly skeptical when I called him because he sounded very casual and laid-back, and I expected a more professional phone call. This casualty, however, turned out to be a very good thing, to add to the list of other good qualities below: ? He responded within 24 hours to emails, though the usual response time was shorter than a couple of hours. ? He was extremely helpful in the planning process, and willing to give constructive input. ? He was extremely flexible, and was willing to accomodate last-minute additions/changes flawlessly. ? He delivers his lines well. Yet, even ignoring all of the above listed qualities, he has one extremely vital attribute in a wedding officiant: ? He is a kind, friendly, (and even well-educated and intelligent) man who genuinely hopes to make your wedding enjoyable. From my impression of him, he seems to do this without the usual profit-oriented mentality. For this last reason alone, I would recommend him with no hesitation.”


“Chris was fabulous. He was so sweet, on time and did not hesitate in having to get his feet dirty in the sand for our beach wedding. Thank you Chris for your flexibility and for your warmth and kindness. We appreciate you participating in our day and making it as special as it was.”


“Chris was great! Exactly what we were looking for! We had total control with our ceremony and made it exactly how we had always envisioned. Chris was able to review it and give us his opinion and reassured us that it made sense and flowed nicely. He has a great calming voice and was very respectful. Thanks Chris for being apart of our day! ”


“Wonderful Officiant. Exudes calm and puts you at ease.”


“Great officiant! He really made the process of what to do for the ceremony very easy and was very helpful! I’m glad we booked him! We had ours at a garden, so the only thing I would have changed would have been if he could’ve asked everyone to stand as I walked in. Other than that, he was a pleasure to work with!”


“Chris was exactly what we needed – thanks!”


“Chris was so great and so helpful. He assisted us in writing our own vows and helped incorporate certain things into our ceremony, like a sake ceremony. Chris was so nice and very professional. He took care of everything for our marriage license which was very helpful.”


“Chris was great. He is very friendly and laid back. His services allowed me and my fiance to focus on other parts of the wedding plans and I knew Chris would have the legal “stuff” taken care of. He is professional, efficient, and his ceremony was absolutely beautiful. He speaks with heart and helped to make our day even more special.”


“Chris is very professional, took time to explain to us the process in details.. highly recommended”



“Chris gave my husband and I a wonderful. He had a number of ceremonies on his website and we found the perfect one that suited us. We were able to arrange the ceremony to our liking. He also took care of our marriage certificate which was a huge help.”


“Chris Robinson is a very professional and kind wedding officiant and we absolutely loved working with him. He was very polite when were first contacted him and was the same when we met him in person. We were looking for a place on the beach to have our ceremony and Chris gave us a good suggestion that we took! He knows the area, can perform customized vows, is willing to get sand in his shoes, and is just a great person. We would highly recommend him to any couple!”


“He was the best! I have been married a number of times and if Chris’s performance was an indication, this will be the last!”


“Very efficient,Chris made it a piece of cake.”


“Chris Robinson, a.k.a. the officiant guy, was awesome! He was very friendly and full of information from the first time we spoke on the phone. He responded to emails quickly. For an extra charge, he was able to get our marriage license for us, which was well worth the time it saved! He also had numerous different ceremony samples available, and let us mix and match & re-write them to choose the vows we wanted him to recite for us. He arrived early, stayed afterwards for pictures, and he performed a great ceremony! ”


“I highly recommend Officiant Guy.We had to bump up our wedding date for family and they made sure to accomodate us. The information they provide to plan your wedding ceremony is great and effortless. They made our day truly special!Thanks very much. ”


My husband and I are originally from the east coast, however I was working in California and we decided that a California wedding is what we wanted to do. Chris made getting married a breeze for a bi-coastal couple. He helped us with our marriage license, a great photographer, and the perfect wedding location. He was easy to work with, responded to all our emails, and answered all our questions. I would definitely recommend him to perform your ceremony.


“This is the first marriage for my husband I who were married by Chris on 12/31/12. We decided after dating for years that we wanted to elope but didn’t know where to begin. We were set on having a small ceremony that was quick, yet intimate and memorable. When I found Chris Robinson, it seemed as though everything began to fall into place from our first conversation. He was so polite and professional. Chris was happy to answer all of my questions and went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and fully aware of dates and procedures to look forward to. I changed the date of the wedding at least three times before I set my heart on New Years Eve. Chris actually suggested the LACMA Museum which was a location that was heavy on my mind as an option for a while. It was close to my apartment in Korea Town and was a beautiful setting for a small wedding ceremony.

Although the weather was gloomy and cold the week before our ceremony, I couldn’t have chosen a better date because weather conditions were gorgeous on our special day. Chris conducted the perfect ceremony and made it very special for us along with our guests. We were married in front of the towering lamp posts of the LACMA Museum and the day couldn’t have been more joyful and exciting. Mr Robinson married Hugh Hefner at the Play Boy Mansion that night while we partied the night away bringing in the New Year as husband and wife. Our experience would not have been possible without the help of Chris. I can not say it that Mr Robinson the Officiant Guy is super professional and is definitely worth investing in if you want a small and intimate wedding ceremony!”


“I picked up the phone on day when I was trying to figure out a plan for my daughters Elopement. I didn’t have a clue as to where, when or how I would make this happen but I had 6 weeks to do it. My daughter had cancelled a big wedding because of some family issues. She was marrying a child star and I needed total confidentiality regarding this event. It was comforting to know that his license bound him to this. I was impressed with the way Chris personally answered his phone every time I called. He was returned my calls in a timely fashion through the whole process. He gave me locations information and even times of the sunset to help me decide what time begin a ceremony to get the best photos. His patience with me was priceless.

I love the sound of his voice and Chris’s legal knowledge helped me make decisions along the way. I was happy not to have to do anything but give Chris the basic information for a Marriage license and did not have to worry about obtaining the license. He had this all under control and his service allowed us to let him know at the last minute when we finally know when we could have the wedding.

We even had to change the location the night before the ceremony and he arrived on time even with these changes.

I felt like I had a Wedding Planner by my side with his wealth of diverse knowledge. I made a new friend in Chris (he sealed it with a goodbye hug) and he was well praised by the Bride and Groom as he customized the Ceremony to suit them. I have many family members in “the Acting business” and was impressed that Chris was so down to earth even after being around the Celebrity world for some time now. It was important to me to have a REAL down to earth person to deal with as I get enough HOLLYWOOD in my life.

I was guided along the way by the, “Master of Marriage” and am thankful that I made that call. The Wedding was PERFECT! We all give thanks to the “The Officiant Guy”.


I was able to get a hold of Chris on the phone right away and he was quickly responsive via email throughout the whole process. Chris really made ceremony run smoothly & handled all the legal paperwork, allowing my wife and I to focus on all the other aspects of getting married. He offers a reliable service that is completely worth the money & at a very professional level. He showed up on time & made everything a lot easier for us. I highly recommend him.”


“I was satisfied 100%. He replied to my emails right away. He was very forthcoming, gave me all kinds of information I needed. Was at the location on time and actually even 30 minutes early, and also was very patient about guests coming late.

Explained everything to me, gave me filled out papers.

I have to recommend Chris, great service.

Thanks again.”


“We were extremely happy with the service Chris provided! He was flexible to meet our busy schedules, quick to respond to emails, and came prepared with the documents with just a days notice.

When we met, he was friendly, easy to talk with, and answered all our questions! We received our certified marriage license within two weeks, with not even waiting a minute in line at the Registrars office (well at least for us). He handled it all from beginning to end!

Would recommend him to any of our friends, even those just looking for an officiant for their ceremony!”


“Chris was respectful of our wishes, and efficient in helping us with all the paperwork. Had no problems whatsoever with correspondence by email and phone with him. Made the balancing of everything that needs to get done a lot easier. He agreed to marry us by the beach, was there on time, and was professional even when the waves did not cooperate! Four weeks later, as agreed, our marriage license was in hand.”


“Chris is very courteous and well-informed. My wife was a bit, well, overly-stressed on her wedding day, as I hear many women are (why???) but as soon as Chris showed up she chilled out. He has a very calming demeanor and it made it very easy. What I liked is that he hand delivers the marriage license to the right officials so that it doesn’t get lost in the mail or the mail room.

Great wedding ceremony!!”


“Chris was very kind and helpful, and we had our day just the way we wanted it. He was patient while we figured things out and very informative. He also volunteered useful information that we didn’t even know to ask for, and we feel that he relates easily to various kinds of people and situations and is well equipped to handle different kinds of weddings.
Thank you for making our wedding day a very relaxed one. :)”


“Don’t hesitate to call Chris, the Officiant Guy, if you want a smooth, hassle free and professional wedding. One call gets you your marriage license, wedding officiant and marriage certificate, all handled by Chris. His website has a list of recommended venues as well as suggestions for vows. I had dinner last night with 2 other couples and we soon discovered that we were all married by Chris! I can highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed! I only wish he could also handle the flowers, the food and the bar – then everything would run as smoothly as the actual ceremony.”


“Chris (Officiant Guy) gave us a really good feeling from the start. We organized our wedding from Germany since we wanted to get married during our vacation in California. Finding a reliable and trustworthy wedding planner through the internet was therefore like jumping in at the deep end because we wouldn’t have an opportunity to meet him personally before our “big day”. But Chris immediately put us at ease: His homepage is really neat, the responses to our emails were always timely, and he was forthcoming with all the information regarding his services, the ceremony, possible locations, fees etc. On the wedding day, he showed up on time(!) for the ceremony and – most appreciated of all – he took care of all the administrative paperwork for us so that our marriage could also be legalized abroad.

Chris’ professional, timely and reliable handling of all matters made our private little wedding an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience, and should any of our friends express the wish to get married in LA County, we certainly know whose services we will be recommending to them!”


“Chris Robinson (Officiant Guy) was flexible, helpful, and very communicative. He left all of the decisions up to my wife and me, but was always willing to help with some suggestions. He also took care of all of the legal paperwork for us, so there was no waiting in line for the marriage license. Our wedding ceremony was beautiful, and I highly recommend The Officiant Guy to anyone who is planning on getting married.”


“5 Stars all the way here with Chris!! He was efficient, courteous, very helpful and professional. All we could have asked for to help make our wedding perfect! Couldn’t have asked for anything more!”


“Chris is highly professional! My husband and i just made it official thanks to the officiant guy Chris! He is super informative and very nice person.”


“I called Chris by finding him randomly online (not Yelp!) and he answered and was friendly and informative and upfront about everything. I felt comfortable speaking with him and booked him right then on the phone.

He has been nothing but helpful and willing to cooperate with our paperwork and our wedding (which was an out of town elopement for us).

The entire process was incredibly smooth and easy.
I would highly recommend using Chris. It doesn’t matter that he has been the officiant for celebrities, he treats non-celebrities as if we were famous.

Thank you for making our elopement easy and stress free!!”


“TIED THE KNOT!!!!!!!!!

We got married and what a great experience we had with Chris Robinson, The Officiant Guy. I was referred to him from a friend and, “Thank God”. He was just like his name. Efficient-Officiant. He did everything he said he would do. It’s such an important day for so many people and he came thru like a champ. A real professional. He met with us at my request, prior to the wedding and went over everything. He handled all the paperwork and treated us like we were royalty. We were really touched, privileged and blessed to have found Chris. If you are planning a wedding, Congratulations to you, and with my personal recommendation…Look no further and contact Chris Robinson!!!!!!”


“Chris was awesome from the time he picked up the phone until he married me to my wife. He was very helpful and informative in terms of preparing us with all the proper paperwork at the county clerks office. And he knows LA… when I asked him about ceremony locations along PCH Chris’ suggestion was where we ended up doing it. Overall, Chris made our small private ceremony go as smoothly as possible and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”


“I was looking for the perfect officiant to orchestrate my wedding vows and I found him! Chris was a blessing from beginning to end… He helped my husband and I with everything… We must of changed our minds a hundred times! We were going to have a 5 person wedding under a fig tree in Beverly Hills and it grew into a 33 person wedding at The Montage Hotel! Chris helped us with the vows and he made it a pleasure! He also handled the marriage license and made everything stress free. I am so grateful! Do yourself a huge favor and employ his services, you will be so happy you did!!”


“I had a simple second marriage ceremony with my husband and our three kids last week and I couldn’t be happier with the Officiant Guy! It was completely stress free, honest! He took care of everything for our marriage license and was very knowledgeable about how I needed to go about changing my name legally. When it was time for the ceremony, he was very patient with our three young kids (ages 6,8,9) and delivered a very touching ceremony we had planned ahead of time. The Officiant Guy answered every email promptly, even when I had just a small question about vows or what location is best on the beach. He treated our little beach ceremony like it was just as important as a huge gathering. I truly appreciated his services and highly recommend him.”


“Could not have been happier with Chris’s professionalism. Had no idea about writing vows, logistics, or even where to put my hands during the ceremony, and he took the time to walk us through options on the phone, by email, and in person the day of the ceremony. His delivery of our ceremony was impeccable, as was his timing during the “pause for laugh” jokes we wrote into our own vows. The search for an officiant is anxiety-inducing (anyone else have no idea what criteria to look for), so from someone else who was there, highly recommend Chris.

Plus, it’s cool being married by the guy who officiated Gene Simmons’s wedding.”


“Thank you for officiating our wedding. The service was beautiful. Our friend said you should be in movies!

“Chris, you rock! We loved having you as our wedding officiant in April. No words could express how happy we were with your performance. Here’s to you and your lovely family. We hope to see you on more TV shows.”

“This is a very helpful web site! You are a great wedding officiant too! I’ve seen you officiate a friends wedding and on a few TV shows. What a great wedding ceremony you perform!”

“Great love to you Chris. That was a beautiful wedding that you were the wedding officiant for today. I was moved.”

“Excellent wedding officiant service this last week. You know how to make it great Chris. Thank you.”

“You have a talent sir. I was really impressed with your wedding services. I know this family very well and they are, well, a bit chaotic. We never really feel like we can be with them without our heads spinning.

But, but, but… you, Mr. Wedding Officiant Guy, now you are a totally different beast than we are used to. Seriously, wow! You were the bomb when it comes to making everything run smoothly. I’ve never seen my aunt behave before in such a manner. Really! Every single wedding in the family that we have been to has been just a wreck before you.

Mr. Chris, you have the respect of our entire family. After this wedding we will be referring everyone to you. Great, great job.”


“Refreshing wedding ceremony, Chris.


I love your calm demeanor and your delivery. You are a great wedding officiant, sir.”


“We loved the wedding ceremony that you performed here (at the Chart House in Redondo Beach). All of our friends have seemed to have gotten married this year. We are so happy to have chosen you as our wedding officiant. I’ll just put it at that. You were awesome and so very helpful. My mom couldn’t stop gushing about you. We appreciate that you took the time with our disabled niece who felt so very special after your talk with her. Now you have two women, no three women gushing over you.

Here’s to you Chris! Awesome job.”


“Awesome wedding! We are friends of Wendy and Sam that you married at La Venta Inn. You were a great wedding officiant. We aren’t getting married very soon, but we will call you for a wedding ceremony next year. Kudos to you for being such a great guy.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony here, Chris. You were the best wedding officiant and we’re so glad we found you!! I’ll be recommending you to all my friends who are getting married in Los Angeles. Take care.”

“Excellent website here! Additionally I would like to say that I’ve seen you officiate a friend’s wedding and you were very good. Thanks. I’ll be contacting you soon for our own wedding.”


“This was a wonderful. We will definitely refer you Chris as a wedding officiant, and we’ll tell our friends to skip the hassle of it all and have you get the marriage license too. That was easy! Thanks so much.”


“You are a fabulous wedding officiant. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. You were very informative and helpful and you performed a very humorous and yet, sweet, wedding ceremony. High regards to you, Chris!”

“You performed our wedding ceremony here. It was lovely and your services were amazing. Thanks for being our officiant.”

“Thank you so much for officiating our wedding! it was absolutely perfectly and we are so thrilled at how the ceremony turned out. We are so appreciative of your time and effort into preparing for our special day. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.
Shannon & Nick”


Chris was extremely professional, and performed the ceremony better than we could have ever imagined. We sent him our text, which included a poem, last minute,  and he read it so beautifully, I almost wanted to ask him to read it again 🙂
We’re still waiting for our marriage certificate, but it’s only been 10 days, and I am sure it will arrive promptly. All the paperwork Chris provided was flawless and quick. Thank you!

Chris was such a wonderful choice for the officiant at our wedding! He was so knowledgeable and helped me through all the paperwork beforehand, showed up on time and so prepared, truly making the whole thing so much easier for us! He helped with name change questions, filling, and all the other little details to make our ceremony just how we wanted. I was so honored to have him and would happily recommend him to everyone!


My husband and I were married just a few weeks ago. We wanted something very private and intimate with just my daughters along so we decided to do it in the park where we had our first date 4 years ago. Chris was super easy to work with, even when I explained it might be a little tricky to find us in such a huge park! He had emailed us several different vows to choose from which was great & the ceremony we chose was perfect for us, truly befitting of our relationship and it was so beautiful speaking them aloud to each other. Chris really helped make our day very special & memorable, and we appreciated the fact that he took his time with the ceremony, that made it feel so much more intimate and romantic. It was perfect. He also filed the marriage license for us with the courthouse. I’d definitely recommend him without hesitation and who knows, maybe we’ll use him again later down the road should we ever renew ours!THANKS, CHRIS!!!!

My wife and I found Chris randomly on Yelp! and it was the greatest find we could make. Chris is absolutely wonderful!

We had a guerrilla-style wedding and are constantly asked questions about how it was accomplished. Honestly, we had no idea what a guerrilla wedding was until we found Chris and read his website. My wife and I initially thought we would simply end up at a courthouse (we wanted to elope with just a few friends and family members present), but when Chris described the several L.A. landmarks he had performed ceremonies at “on the fly” all of a sudden we were excited to pick a great location to make our day that much more memorable. We had two locations in mind and Chris helped us in making the right choice based on his previous experiences at those locations. My wife and I had no idea what we were doing and Chris was so kind, patient and helpful; he walked us through every step of the way. What was especially impressive is that, with Chris’ help, we were able to plan our wedding within a month (granted, our wedding took place on a Wednesday).

Not only is Chris’ fee extremely reasonable, especially when considering all the paperwork he does on your behalf, but he makes the entire process completely painless and headache free. Anytime we became apprehensive about certain aspects of the wedding and had questions, Chris was there to put our minds at ease. He was super quick in responding to all our emailed questions and even took the time to answer a question I had while he was ON VACATION. Such a great guy!

Honestly, we cannot praise Chris enough. We have recommended him to several friends and family members already. So many have asked us about how we planned our wedding. The answer? We simply could not have done it without Chris, The Officiant Guy.