About Officiant Guy: The Best Non-Denominational Wedding Minister for Los Angeles Weddings

The Top Non Denominational Wedding Minister in Southern California

The Officiant Guy has over 30 years of ceremony wedding officiant experience stretching. Call him today at (562) 547-3255.

Chris Robinson is an ordained non denominational wedding minister. He is also a notary public who is specially authorized by L.A. County to issue a Los Angeles marriage license anywhere in California. He’s also a recovering attorney of 24 years. And he’s a father of three with his wife of 24 years. Chris is about as close as you can get to a California justice of the peace. He knows the law, he knows the marriage regulations, and also, the marriage requirements in California. He gets it done right with style and class.

non denominational wedding minister Southern California
Wedding celebrant, Chris Robinson, and his 3 children.

Wedding Minister and Marriage License

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Are You Considering Eloping?

Chris is a last minute elopement specialist. He can help you elope now and because he is a non denominational wedding minister your ceremony can take any form you wish.
He can issue a marriage license and officiate your wedding. What are officiants? Click and find out, or read about it on Wikipedia.
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Where? Anywhere in Southern California, including Los Angeles or Orange County or Ventura County or Riverside County or even Santa Barbara

Intelligent, poised and appropriately reverent, Chris’s mission is to help couples get married in a very easy, approachable atmosphere.

Celebrity Wedding Officiant

The Officiant Guy has worked with hundreds of celebrities in private and public ceremonies, and been feature on dozens of TV shows:


  • He was the non denominational wedding minister for Kendra & Hank Baskins on the Kendra Show.
  • He was the officiate for Milla Jovovich’s wedding
  • He was the minister on a Ricki Lake episode.
  • He was the non denominational wedding minister on the Real Housewives of Miami marrying Joana Krupa and Romain Zago.
  • He was the beach wedding officiant for The Real Housewives of New York star, Aviva Teichner to his bride, Dana Cody.
  • He was the minister on Hell’s Kitchen where he married a couple having a breakfast wedding reception prepared by the chefs.
  • He was the officiant on Divorce Court, which is on the same lot as KTLA.
  • He was also then asked to be the official ceremony officiant for the Week of Weddings for two wedding ceremonies that week.
  • And has been on Love and Hip Hop twice marrying a couple and then performing their vow renewal.
  • And many more appearances in Print and TV. So many appearances that Officiant Guy was asked to have his own reality show.

Officiant Guy was suggested by Southwest Airlines for a destination wedding, and subsequently by USAToday for a short notice airport wedding. He has been quoted in the LA Times. He was the wedding officiant for the elopement of The Real Housewives of New York star, Aviva Teichner to Dana Cody which was featured in the Daily Mail UK.

Check out all the media he has received.

All this has made Chris the most sought after officiant for weddings in Southern California..

All Kinds of Wedding Ceremonies All Over Southern California

Chris Robinson performs wonderful wedding ceremonies in any fashion. He respects your need for privacy and still has established a personal relationship with many couples that will last a lifetime!

If you are looking for a justice of the peace for a wedding, consider this non denominational wedding minister. He is considered by many a California justice of the peace because he’s an attorney and knows the law.

He is the best wedding officiant in Los Angeles, but he can easily go to Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, San Bernardino, San Diego, and even Santa Barbara County for your wedding.

beach wedding officiants los angeles orange county
The Officiant Guy at the most popular Southern California wedding location: Beach Weddings! Beach weddings are the quintessential California wedding experience. A beach wedding allows any type of wedding ceremony you want from a civil wedding to a non denominational wedding ceremony to a religious wedding ceremony.


Chris Robinson is a California non denominational wedding minister. He has been performing wedding ceremonies and delivering California confidential marriage licenses for over two decades. If you wish to get married somewhere in LA County give the best ceremony officiant in Southern California a call at (562) 547-3255 or fill out a contact form.