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Officiant for Wedding Ceremonies

One of the top wedding officiants and ministers in California, the Officiant Guy can marry you any day of the week. You could easily get married today if you want. He’s an elopement specialist for your wedding Los Angeles style, however, he can also with ease perform your planned weddings. If you are looking for officiants for weddings in Los Angeles or Orange County or even Ventura County then he’s YOUR Guy. California law requires that both wedding parties are 18 years old, must appear together (no proxy weddings), and must have government-issued picture ID (a birth certificate is not allowed).

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Chris Robinson, Officiant Guy

Types of Wedding Ceremonies Officiant Guy has Officiated

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Some of these are unique wedding ceremony ideas. Chris has been the wedding official at them all and often combining the various wedding ceremonies here. It’s all up to you! Getting married can be a very easy thing with Officiant Guy.

There are so many interesting ideas out there. But you don’t even need a unique idea. Most people want something simple because they love simply. It’s always your choice because your marriage ceremony is about your relationship, your needs and the desires you have in your heart. You’ll know what you’ll want. And if you aren’t sure, give Chris a call, and he’ll help you decide based on his decades of officiant experience and his performance of thousands of wedding ceremonies..

Officiant Guy has helped thousands of engaged couples throughout the years so it’s second nature to him. He can also suggest a wedding venue in Southern California that is exactly what you both want. Chris has been to most parks, beaches, and wedding venues in Southern California so he knows the lay of the land. There is not one neighborhood in the Los Angeles area that he hasn’t been to. He can make it easy for you to find exactly what you want.

And then, of course, Chris is authorized by Los Angeles County to issue you a California confidential marriage license right before your wedding ceremony

Wedding Officiant Los Angeles California Marriage Licenses and Ceremony

If you’d wish to want a wedding ceremony wherever you want from Santa Ynez to San Diego, connect with the best non-denominational wedding minister.

The two of you may well have the wedding that is as custom as you are. Chris Robinson is a Los Angeles officiant for weddings. He has been performing nuptials and providing CA wedding licenses for over twenty years for couples in love. He would be able to undoubtedly be your wedding officiant for any type of nuptials from a non-secular wedding ceremony to a non-religious wedding along with plausible additions from handfasting ceremonies to personalized wedding vows.

Don’t forget that Chris can issue you a CA confidential marriage license as well as provide you with a prenuptial agreement if you wish.

When you plan to marry somewhere in LA give the most appropriate marriage officiant in Southern California a phone call at (562) 547-3255 or email here. If you are looking for wedding officiants and ministers, then Officiant Guy is your Guy. He is the best officiant for wedding ceremonies in Los Angeles.