Small Wedding Ceremony

We perform Small Wedding Ceremonies.

Officiant Guy performing a small wedding on the beach in Southern California
If you are looking for officiants for small weddings in Southern California, Officiant Guy is the wedding officiant for you!

Small weddings are wonderful events because they are stress-free, and you get to focus on your relationship and any friends or family are there making for a more intimate experience. A smaller scale wedding allows for a private or small bridal party.

You can have a wedding party of anywhere from zero guests up. California does not require witnesses if the couple has a confidential marriage license (the type of marriage license that we can issue to you). It still can be a traditional wedding complete with a white dress, but a more intimate wedding with a small group of friends or just yourself.

There are so many ways to have a small wedding ceremony from a simple wedding on the beach or in a park with just the two of you to a catered event with friends and family. The range and possibilities are endless. Please see our ceremonies list to come up with ideas. We can also recommend some great wedding venues for smaller weddings.

We can be there in an instant or it can be a planned event, well in advance. Flexibility is important in small weddings. That’s us. We help you get married in Southern California easily, without hassle and respecting your wishes and privacy. Often our couples choose to have a private wedding ceremony and then a wedding reception afterwards with friends and family, more of a casual party. It takes all the stress out of your big day.

In the event that you’d decide you need a marriage ceremony anyplace in the Los Angeles area, speak to the premiere wedding minister.

The two of you can easily have the wedding day that is what you both want. The Officiant Guy is a Los Angeles based ceremony officiant. Chris has been performing wedding ceremonies and issuing Los Angeles marriage licenses for over twenty years for a great number of couples. Chris could certainly become your officiant for any sort of wedding ceremony from a religious ceremony to a nonreligious wedding along with possible additions from Filipino coin ceremonies to personalized wedding vows.

If you want to get married anywhere in and around Southern California provide the finest celebrant in Long Beach a call at (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255 or email here.