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click here to experience a typical day at the Los Angeles County Recorder, or Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office. If you are getting married in Los Angeles or Orange County…or anywhere in Southern California, Chris can make it easy for you!

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How to Obtain a Marriage License in California

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Many couples ask us, “How do I get a marriage license?” People need a California marriage license to get married in California, but marriage licenses in California are usually issued at the county clerk’s office. Although Chris is authorized by LA County to issue marriage licenses, he can now issue the confidential wedding license anywhere in California. He is authorized by Los Angeles County to issue a Confidential California Marriage License, and he is able to perform wedding ceremonies in all California counties. By being a specialized notary public and attorney, Chris has immense experience with complicated paperwork and minute details that come with all government procedures and he takes pride in getting it right. Here is some important information on how to obtain a California marriage license through his specialized notary service:

Benefits of Officiant Guy Issuing you a California Marriage License

  • Officiant Guy can issue a very specialized marriage license that he has been authorized as an agent of Los Angeles County to issue that is called a California confidential marriage license. California is now the only confidential marriage license state. There are certain rules and procedures that accompany this kind of marriage certificate, listed below, but there are very unique benefits such as:
  • NO WAITING IN LINE: At the Los Angeles County clerk’s office you both need to appear together to get a marriage license. But there are only six county clerk offices in all of L.A. County that can issue a Los Angeles marriage license, along with many other types of government forms to many, many people, and only from Monday thru Friday. There is always a line there and often extremely crowded. Most offices close by 3pm. As you know, the drive plus the wait, which is often a very long & frustrating one during working hours, will mean that you could easily spend the entire work day dealing with this. We know of many engaged couples who have waited for at least 4 hours together, plus the drive. Chris makes getting a wedding license in Los Angeles county easy and convenient by delivering it to you. No bureaucratic mess, no frustration.
  • NO TRAVEL: No traffic, no travel, no getting lost, no parking problems – -Chris can take care of the license anytime – -usually just prior to your ceremony.
  • PRIVACY– The marriage license is totally confidential and not public record so nobody has access to your information meaning no junk mail, no media, nobody but you and your wedding minister need to know. In order for anyone to get a record of your confidential marriage license, a court order is required. You can have this marriage license issued anywhere you like in California.
  • RESIDENCE: You do not have to live in Los Angeles county or be a U.S. citizen in order to have a CA marriage license or a L.A. County marriage license issued. This license can be issued to you in any Southern California county.
  • NO WAITING PERIOD: There is none! Chris can issue you a license instantly as long as you follow all of these rules listed below.
  • NO WITNESSES: For this type of license, you don’t need witnesses since Chris has special notary status. The wedding ceremony can then just be the bride, the groom and the wedding minister or it can be a large wedding with many attendants and guests—it’s your choice.
  • NO BLOOD TEST: You don’t need a blood test anymore. This wedding license requirement has been discontinued in California.

California Marriage License Requirements

  • WHO QUALIFIES: All couples who can say that they live together can receive our special California Confidential Marriage License through Los Angeles County. You don’t have to show any proof of your living arrangement and it doesn’t state how long you have lived together- – it could feasibly be the day before.
  • IDENTIFICATION NEEDED: The State of California requires that for all marriage licenses you present to us one piece of current government-issued photo I.D. such as a passport, a driver’s license, a state I.D. card, and a green card. If you are divorced within the last two years, we need a copy of your divorce decree.
  • CALIFORNIA WEDDING LOCATION: The confidential wedding license can be issued to you in any California county and your marriage can be performed anywhere in California.

california confidential marriage licenseIf you need further clarification about what a Confidential Marriage License is, then click here to find out California confidential marriage license Officiant Guy’s advice. He’s an expert.

Officiant Guy is available to officiate marriage licenses all throughout California.

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As of April 2015, the cost of a confidential Los Angeles County marriage license is $85. The cost of a public marriage license is $92. We can wait in line for you, pick up a confidential marriage license, issue it, notarize, and deliver to you, at your convenience for an extra $115. If Chris is your wedding officiant then he can also hand deliver the marriage license back to the County Clerk’s office to be filed.

Chris Robinson is a Los Angeles minister for a wedding. He has been performing wedding ceremonies and issuing marriage licenses for over dozens of years. If you want to get married throughout Orange County to Santa Barbara County give the most popular ceremony officiant in Orange County a telephone call at (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255 or fill out the contact form.