House of Blues Wedding – Love Tripper

A Unique Wedding Ceremony: Rock N’ Roll Wedding

officiant house of blues rock n roll unique wedding ceremony
VH1 Host, Kimberly Caldwell, introduces the Officiant Guy and Taft Stricklin just before the wedding nuptials.
a unique wedding ceremony idea: a house of blues rock and roll wedding
The wedding ceremony on stage at the West Hollywood House of Blues: the Rock N’ Roll Fantasy camp band manager is maid of honor and the best man is Cinderella drummer Fred Koury.
rock n roll wedding ideas officiant for a unique wedding
To the roaring sound of the 1300 person audience at the House of Blues, this bride and groom make a new start with their own personal history, and the Officiant Guy then introduced them as husband and wife.

A unique wedding experience was a rock n roll wedding at the now closed West Hollywood House of Blues in 2011. As reported on Love Tripper, 1300 people witnessed Taft Stricklin and his bride, Mina, at the Rock n’ Roll Fantasy camp with famous rock n’ roller, Sammy Haggar, present. Officiant Guy issued Taft and Mina a CA marriage license and then officiated the unique wedding ceremony on stage. This was a fun crowd that went wild when the bride and groom were officially married.

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