Submit Your Los Angeles County Marriage License Information


If you are interested in The Officiant Guy providing you a Marriage License in Los Angeles County, please submit this LA County marriage license application form California information to us so that we can prepare your California marriage licence for you in advance. This marriage license, even though it is from Los Angeles County, is valid in every county in California as of 2015. **So even if you are getting married in Orange County or Ventura County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County or Riverside County the confidential marriage license that Officiant Guy issues is valid if your marriage takes place anywhere in California.

Send Us Your Information on this Secure Webpage So That We Can Issue You a Marriage License

Please note that this webpage is a secure page and you can verify the security certificate by the little lock icon at the top of your browser or that the web address begins with https instead of http. Please take a moment now to verify the address in your browser is: What this means is that it is safe, encrypted and verified.
IT’S VERY IMPORTANT that your marriage information is:

  1. correct and that
  2. your spelling is precise and
  3. all information is current and legal (please don’t guess) and
  4. your names and parent’s names are legal (not nicknames, shortened names or names that are not LEGALLY YOURS) If the information is not correct the Los Angeles county clerk’s office will charge you another marriage license fee.

End of Your Last Marriage (if applicable): In order for us to issue a marriage license for a California marriage certificate to you we will require: a government-issued identification a copy of any document related to the end of your last marriage or domestic partnership agreement if it took place within the last 2 years. This includes:

  1. a copy of your divorce decree or
  2. a copy of your annulment decree or
  3. a copy of the death certificate of your former spouse or
  4. a copy of your termination of domestic partnership agreement.

Please click on California marriage license requirements for further information of the California requirements for a confidential marriage license. We will contact you before we officiate your marriage ceremony if we have any questions. Thank you for considering The Officiant Guy as your wedding minister for your California wedding. After you fill this out, you will get an automated confirmation email. Please review it for any mistakes.