Number 1 Wedding Officiant for Big Weddings

We have been wedding officiants for Big Wedding Ceremonies in Los officiant marrying a couple for a big wedding


No wedding is too big. Two people or two thousand people- -it doesn’t matter to us.

Being wedding officiants for many years makes it quite comfortable for us. We’re experienced many times over. Chris has been the wedding officiant for the large wedding for “Kendra” at the Playboy mansion, and he has been the wedding officiant for countless country club weddings, televised weddings and large formal weddings. Big weddings are sometimes a bit chaotic but Chris prides himself on helping couples to feel relaxed despite the commotion around them.

The question is: how will you be in front of a big wedding party. Don’t worry. We can be there to help calm your nerves.

This is what Chris has to say:

“In my experience over the many years I have been a wedding officiant, the most important thing is that your wedding plans do not get in the way of the moment. On the day of a big wedding it’s important to remember that everything on that day is for you you and your love. I was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times and you can read the article here and see my quote by clicking on a Los Angeles Wedding Officiant Speaks About Wedding Plans.

One recommendation that I have for brides and grooms of big weddings is to hire an experienced wedding coordinator and to assign roles well in advance so that you will have no worries while you are experiencing one of the most important moments in your life. And be present. Breathe and enjoy the moment.”

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