California Destination Weddings

We perform California Destination Weddings.

LAX Los Angeles airport sign
A California destination wedding awaits you beginning at LAX.


California destination weddings are the most unique in the world. Where is the best place to elope? It’s California, of course. Southern California is beautiful year round. There are many wonderful places all over the city to visit. Plus, it’s an iconic place to enjoy your honeymoon. Enjoy the sites of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu. There are so many hidden gems all over Southern California. If you’re visiting, talk to Chris since he LOVES California, and he can recommend some sites to see based on your personal preferences.

Elope Package

Officiant Guy can issue you a marriage license and perform a wedding ceremony for a Los Angeles wedding. A wedding in Los Angeles is a great destination wedding idea. A true California style wedding awaits you with the sun, the sand, the beautiful weather, the movie industry, and style that is truly Californian. Laid-back was created in California. And Chris is the ultimate Californian. California weddings are legal anywhere else.

Los Angeles beach at sunset after a wedding
A typical Los Angeles beach at sunset after a wedding.

Chris is specially authorized by Los Angeles County to issue confidential Los Angeles marriage licenses anywhere in California. He can issue your marriage license quickly so that you don’t have to travel to the very busy County Clerk’s office. He can perform your wedding ceremony anywhere in Los Angeles. Chris performs these elopement packages for California weddings often. He is the best wedding officiant in Southern California.

Please visit the other sections of our website to see why Los Angeles is the best destination wedding site. Please click on ELOPE to go to our MAIN PAGE where there are many resources and information available. Officiant Guy makes it very easy for his clients to have an easy and romantic wedding.

Chris’s Skype account is: OfficiantGuy and he can Skype with you at a predetermined time.

Chris Robinson is a California nondenominational wedding minister for ceremonies. He has been performing wedding ceremonies and delivering marriage licenses for over dozens of years. If you are wondering how to get married or where to get married near me throughout the periphery of Los Angeles County, give the best minister for weddings in Southern California a phone call. Officiant Guy will travel to other Southern California counties if time permits. Call   (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255 or fill out the contact form.