Private Wedding Ceremony

We perform Private Wedding Ceremonies.

We can perform a wedding ceremony with just you and your mate, that is private and nobody need know about it – – as long as you have a Confidential Marriage License and we can provide that for you.
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private wedding ceremony
From a private beach wedding to any private wedding location, we can help just the two of you get married without witnesses. This is a perfect simple wedding idea. With this sort of simple wedding there is no fuss and it’s as romantic or as civil as you want it.
A clandestine marriage is one of our favorites because there is an intimacy between a couple that is wonderful to witness and share, and there is no pressure or stress from guests or no need to have a big presentation. You can have a simple wedding ceremony or a very long, expressive one. Having a private wedding can be anywhere you want and no witnesses need be present with the marriage license that we can provide you. The confidential marriage license makes California one of the best places to elope.

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