Weddings with Children


weddings with children, children in wedding ceremonies

We perform Wedding Ceremonies with Children.

When you have children from another marriage or your own union involved there are many ways to integrate them into the wedding ceremony.

You can choose to have the children be a part of the wedding party and walk down the aisle in a variety of roles from accompanying the bride to being bridesmaids, flower child, groomsmen, ring bearer, or simply just a part of the wedding without titles. Children can also give the bride away. Or they can be held.

We have officiated some very touching wedding ceremonies with wedding vows that say how much your children mean to your relationship. You could say something like this in your wedding vow:

“CHILD’S NAME, I love your Mommy/Daddy very much, and I love you too. When I take your Mommy/Daddy as my wife/husband, I also take you into my heart as my own child. I want you to know that I will care for you always as your parent, and I want you to know that you are important to me.”

Often a parent will offer a rose to the children as a way to say that they love them. Sometimes new parents will offer rings to the children as well and include them into the ring ceremony.

We have officiated hundreds of wedding ceremonies with children, and we know how to go with the flow when things go not as planned. It’s okay. That’s what’s fun about children in weddings.

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