Arras Coin Ceremony is a Great #1 Tradition

We have performed the wonderful Arras Coin Ceremony during Wedding Ceremonies.

thirteen coins with wedding rings symbolizing a coin wedding ceremony
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The Traditional Coin Ceremony

A Coin Ceremony during your wedding is usually a Latin tradition going back to Spanish and Roman days and is also referred to as Las arras or Las arras matrimoniales.

During the coin ceremony, or arras ceremony, the groom drops 13 coins into the bride’s hands representing her dowry and his vow to support her. By some it is thought that the thirteen coins symbolizes Jesus and the twelve apostles. By others it represents the twelve months of the year and the the couple’s honeymoon.

Some people think that it represents 13 core values shared by the couple. It’s still a deeply entrenched tradition nonetheless.

Sometimes a Filipino tradition is that the ring bearer will also take down the aisle the coins in a coin purse, on a pillow or an ornate box.

The wedding minister will then say a blessing, wishing them prosperity. He then gives the coins to both the bride and groom, usually pouring the contents of the purse or box into the bride and groom’s open palms.

Here is a possible coin wedding ceremony vow sample:

“These 13 coins traditionally represent the promise of the groom to support his wife and the wife’s dedication to her husband. But today, more than this, it represents that GROOM and BRIDE are united in love and harmony.

GROOM and BRIDE, accept that these coins that represent that your love and dedication to each other will be the true prosperity of your marriage to each other. Promise that you will love and support each other for eternity. Please repeat after me:

I, GROOM, promise you that I will love and support you forever.

I, BRIDE, promise you that I will love and support you forever.

In exchanging these coins during the coin ceremony, GROOM and BRIDE are vowing undying devotion and support.

As we witness their acceptance of these coins, we also witness their willingness to be blessed with each other’s company, with each other’s dedication and to always be there in heart and soul for each other in good times and in bad times.”


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