Interfaith Clergy for a Interfaith Wedding

We perform Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies.

We are non-denominational wedding ministers and so an interfaith wedding ceremony is something that we do consistently. We understand that interfaith weddings can be a very sensitive event and we respect that two different people with two different religions are coming together. We also understand that there are two different sets of families with differing opinions.

Your love is what binds you and that is why we are interfaith clergy for interfaith weddings
Frankly, we are amazed that this is an issue in this day and age. Hey, this is California. But for some reason, there are wedding ministers in California who do not feel as we do. We feel that your wedding day is uniquely yours and we’re there as your wedding officiant to make it special.

Our personal beliefs should support yours. But many couples come to us because they have been “rejected” by a wedding officiant who refuses to marry them because of their different faiths or faiths that don’t agree with their officiant. We think that’s just ridiculous.

Please call us if you would like an interfaith marriage. We will not make this an issue at all. It just shouldn’t be a problem. We will not require a taciturn meeting or counseling and we will trust that your love for each other is the thing that binds you together, and not the religion that you were born into.

We are interfaith wedding officiants who perform interfaith weddings all the time.

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