I’m the Best Wedding Officiant for Unforgettable Guerrilla Weddings in Southern California

Are you looking for local wedding officiants to officiate Guerrilla Weddings?

local wedding officiants for guerrilla weddings right before entering a park that does not allow weddings
Looking for local wedding officiants in Los Angeles for guerrilla weddings? Chris Robinson, also known as Officiant Guy, who helps couples with an LA County marriage and issues marriage licenses as well. He is a wedding minister for Los Angeles and Orange County weddings.


What are guerrilla weddings? Guerrilla weddings (also spelled guerilla weddings, with only one “r”) are weddings done on the sly without a permit or a plan. There’s an innate dare involved with one, and it requires an adventurous, flexible spirit because you might get kicked out in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Some people find that risk adds to the their important day.

You might have an incredible amount of fun and an adrenaline rush. Sometimes it’s just a mellow affair for those couples who don’t want the expense or the pomp and circumstance involved with larger, more planned weddings. Essentially, it’s an elopement. If you have a sense of humor about it, you’ll find that most security guards can be very cool about it. It can also be a great memory.

Officiant Guy, Chris Robinson, has officiated thousands of guerrilla weddings years before the term was coined a few years ago. You can read more about guerrilla weddings here.

Where can a guerrilla wedding be performed? Well, that’s the beauty of it–you imagine it, and Chris will make it a reality for you. Chris can issue your wedding license in Los Angeles County on the spot and can be your wedding officiant as well. What is a wedding officiant? Click on the link and find out.

Chris has officiated guerrilla weddings:

  • on the beach
  • sitting in restaurants
  • sitting in diners
  • sitting in coffee houses
  • in parking lots
  • on parking meridians
  • on street corners
  • in crosswalks while crossing the street
  • in cemeteries
  • in museums
  • in art galleries
  • in shopping malls
  • on ferris wheels
  • in theme parks
  • in hot tubs
  • in public swimming pools
  • under piers
  • on piers
  • in caves
  • in private gardens
  • on top of buildings
  • in the back of cars
  • in limousines
  • in rock clubs
  • in dive bars
  • in hotel rooms
  • in hotel lobbies
  • in hotel cabanas
  • in offices

and many other locations in LA County and Orange County! You can have a guerrilla wedding almost anywhere!

So, if you’re looking for local wedding officiants to help you get married in LA, consider the best wedding officiant, Officiant Guy.

Officiant Guy is an LA County officiant for weddings. He has been marrying couples and delivering Los Angeles marriage licenses for over 20 years. Chris can easily perform any kind of wedding ceremony from a religious wedding ceremony to an atheist wedding ceremony together with any kind of inclusions from sand ceremonies to vow renewal ceremonies. If you plan to get married anywhere in the periphery of Los Angeles County and Orange County give the top minister for weddings in California a call at (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255 or fill out the contact form.