Best Los Angeles Wedding Ceremonies in Spanish

wedding ceremonies in spanish los angeles

Looking for the best Spanish wedding ceremony services in Southern California? We’ve got you covered. At Officiant Guy, we can perform wedding ceremonies in Spanish with the ceremony script translated and edited to your liking. Although I don’t speak Spanish (I can perform multilingual wedding ceremonies in German, though), I have experienced colleagues who are fluent in Spanish and would be honored to be a part of your wedding day.

California is one of the most diverse places on the planet and Spanish is the second-most spoken language in Southern California. It’s no wonder, then, that couples often want marriage ceremonies in Spanish. With decades of experience as the top wedding ministers in Los Angeles, we can perform your Spanish language marriage ceremony.

Whether you’d like your full ceremony in Spanish or only a portion, both are fun options that we make easy. A bilingual wedding ceremony is a great option if you want to include friends and family from two different languages or cultures.

There’s no need to worry about writing your script. We have a variety of beautiful wedding scripts and vows already written that you can choose from. And if you find a script or passage from an outside resource, you can include that too! Our officiants will translate any ceremony from English to Spanish free of charge.

Wedding ceremonies in Spanish are fun, inclusive, and easy. If you’re getting married in Los Angeles, Orange County, or anywhere else in Southern California, we would be honored to perform your Spanish-language or bilingual wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremonies in Spanish and Other Languages

While wedding ceremonies in Spanish are by far the most common language in Southern California after English, we can also perform your marriage ceremony in German! Whether you speak German as your native language and are visiting Los Angeles for your wedding day, you want to create a wedding ceremony that is inclusive to family members of different backgrounds, or just want to a include a passage in German, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more.