Pasadena Masonic Temple

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I have been a wedding minister in Los Angeles for many years and I have performed many civil wedding ceremonies and religious wedding ceremonies in many Pasadena Wedding Locations. Some have been at Pasadena Masonic Temple.

200 South Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA
(626) 795-561


Founded in 1883, the Pasadena Mason’s Temple is an historical wedding site. The wedding ballroom is beautiful, simple and grand.
Pasadena Masonic Temple wedding minister

The Pasadena Masonic Temple stands today as a beacon where the greatness of Masonry may be found. It holds an envious position for it was dedicated to the hope that the future may learn from the past. It was built with the labor of Masonic love and pride, ornate and spacious, with grandeur and yet simplicity. That thoughtful dedication resulted in a beautiful structure in which brides and groom can celebrate their love for one another. With its marble and hardwood floors, its arched ceilings, its beautiful lines of Roman Gothic architecture, it cannot be equaled. This wedding minister is always impressed by the simple beauty.

Pasadena Masonic Temple

The Ballroom with its high ceiling, impressive in size, alive with grace and warm charm will combined in elegant style, is a stunning option for your wedding ceremony and reception. The second floor houses two lodge rooms and the Grand Hall decorated with symbolic emblems. If your wedding guest list will not be particularly large you may wish to consider one of those three stunning rooms.

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If you are thinking of having your wedding ceremony or reception anywhere in Los Angeles County or Orange County, California then consider the Pasadena Masonic Temple as your wedding venue. And please consider this wedding minister, the Officiant Guy, as your wedding officiant.