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Hundreds of planes arrive at and depart from the Los Angeles International Airport – better known as LAX – every day. An LAX wedding is perfect for couples in town for only a day but who want to get married in LA. I have performed plenty of impromptu wedding ceremonies at LAX and other airports throughout Southern California.

lax wedding

But if you’re in town for only a day or perhaps even just the layover between two flights, why would you want to get married at the airport? Well, besides being a unique wedding venue of its own, LAX is the gateway for out of state visitors to obtain a confidential marriage license. Los Angeles County is the only county in the United States that offers couples confidential marriage licenses.

As opposed to public licenses which make your marriage records public information, retrievable by anyone, a confidential marriage license keeps your marriage records private. No one can access them except the bride or the groom. And best of all, no witnesses are needed. So at the airport, we can meet wherever you want and I can issue your Los Angeles marriage license and perform your LAX wedding ceremony before you catch a flight.

lax wedding

LAX has some great wedding venues as well. The space age Theme Building, both anachronistic and a product of the future, offers stunning views of the terminals and the runways. On the observation deck. You can see the planes traverse the full length of the runway before taking off. The restaurant below provides nearly the same views but with shelter from the elements.

lax wedding

Want great views without the hassle? I’ll meet you on top of a parking structure. The upper levels have great vistas but since the lower levels more than enough parking, the top is usually empty.

But you don’t even have to leave the airport. I have married plenty of couples within their terminals at a restaurant of their choice. This is the easiest and most practical way to get married at LAX, especially for a couple that has a flight to catch.

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