Outdoor Weddings LA: Parks and Beaches

Outdoor Weddings LA: Parks and Beaches 1

Please talk to Chris, the Officiant Guy, who is an expert in wedding venues in Southern California and especially in outdoor weddings. He has probably been to every park and every beach in Los Angeles County and most of Orange County.

LA has incredible weather and so an outdoor wedding is most requested.

Outdoor Weddings

When you book your wedding with Chris, he will ask you how you would like to be married and if the answer is that you are looking for an outdoor wedding in a park or beach he will suggest some great wedding locations in parks and beaches that he has been, but he’s always game when he hears of a park or beach that’s new to him (which is not often the case).

Chris will also explain the restrictions of the parks or beaches as there are rules and possibly permits involved. Here’s one blog post that he wrote about Los Angeles wedding beach permits.

Give Chris a call to book your outdoor wedding today. (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255