Seal Beach Pier – Orange County Wedding Officiant

As an Orange County Wedding Officiant, I have seen Seal Beach grow from a quiet seaside town to a popular destination surfers, beachgoers, and sightseers. Luckily, its expansion has not been a detriment to its charm. Walking down Seal Beach’s restaurant-lined Main Street, its perennial quaintness is still in abundance.

Orange County Wedding Officiant

Perhaps the center of Seal Beach – both in a geographical and sightseeing sense – is the Seal Beach Municipal Pier. Where Main Street meets, the water, the Pier begins. Taking a stroll to the end of the Pier, you can look out to panoramic views in every direction: Downtown Huntington Beach to your left, the Long Beach skyline to your right, and the sun-kissed ocean seemingly boundless straight ahead.

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