Religious Wedding Ceremony

Officiant Guy performs Religious and Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies.

religious weddings

Although we are non-denominational ministers, we can officiate at any religious wedding ceremony that you prefer. There are some wedding ministers that refuse to officiate a wedding outside of their church, but you might have your heart set on somewhere else. Sometimes your church minister can’t make it. No problem, we can. And sometimes you just want a wedding vow that reflects your spiritual feelings or your religious beliefs but you don’t want to be married in a church. That’s no problem. And we hate to say it, but many times a minister who doesn’t do many weddings a year, will often mess up the marriage license and that can be a hassle to fix. I’ve been called by many couples, married by another wedding minister, to help bail them out.

Although we cannot give you the spiritual or religious consultation that many clergy require, we are respectful California wedding ministers and can make sure that your beliefs are respected during your ceremony. We can provide a wedding vow “kit” or you can do some research and create your own unique vows. All that is necessary is the formality of asking if you want to be married .

Officiant Guy is the premiere marriage minister in California. He is also able to issue your California confidential marriage license just before your religious wedding ceremony. That makes it even easier!

If you wish to get married anywhere in LA County give the number one marriage officiant in Los Angeles a telephone call at (310) 882-5039 or (562) 547-3255 or fill out the contact form. Chris Robinson is a Southern California wedding minister. He has been officiating weddings and providing confidential marriage licenses for over dozens of years. Chris will be able to be your officiant for any type of wedding from a religious wedding ceremony to a secular wedding ceremony together with all sorts of inclusions from Filipino coin ceremonies to family unity candle ceremonies. He also makes sure that the marriage license paperwork is filled out correctly. And he files the marriage license in person to the County Recorder so that it doesn’t get lost in the mail.