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Shoreline Village, overlooking the bay of Long Beach, is a perfect Long Beach marriage location for beautiful LA weddings. Located just south of Downtown Long Beach’s boardwalks and up-and-coming restaurant scene, Shoreline Village is surrounded by some of the most active areas of the city, making it the perfect backdrop for any wedding.

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A wonderful attraction for both visitors unfamiliar with the city and locals happy to revisit their favorite establishments and views, Shoreline Village is both a beautiful spot for your wedding ceremony and a hub of activity to keep you entertained afterwards. As a spacious coastal site full of local businesses, it offers a variety of sights that will make your ceremony or reception memorable and exciting.

beautiful la weddings shoreline village lighthouse

Much of the appeal of Shoreline Village is that it combines the beauty of the shore and the activity of local businesses. It isn’t hard to find whatever you need at Shoreline Village, whether it be access to the ocean, a place to dine after your ceremony, or just a series of small establishments to occupy your time. Shoreline Village isn’t just a venue to be explored by itself; it’s a window into the adventurous establishments of Downtown Long Beach and its connections to the local seaside community.

beautiful la weddings shoreline village boardwalk

Everyone will have a great time exploring the shops and boardwalk, and the serenity of the ocean view is enough to tide attendees looking for a calm and picturesque wedding venue. If you’re looking for a Southern California wedding venue for beautiful LA weddings, consider Shoreline Village in Long Beach.

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