Academy Museum of Motion Pictures | Fun LA Wedding Venues

fun la wedding venue

Want a fun LA wedding venue for your wedding day? The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a backdoor into the history of movies, a great showcase for the industry that helped develop the LA. area that covers all aspects of film art.

fun la wedding venue

As a venue, it offers a variety of locales and iconic displays to accompany your wedding, a tour through iconic items and insights into movies old and new. Covering numerous stories, the Academy Museum is easily toured but diverse in its attractions, and hosts stunning locations for your ceremony or reception to take la wedding venue

The Academy Museum offers a great variety of exhibits to tour at your wedding event, but also hosts a perfect setting for your ceremony. The fifth story boasts a broad and stunning view of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills, framed through a glass dome that provides a picturesque, serene backdrop that would compliment any ceremony or reception. This spacious location is separated from the main building, leaving it largely clear of the crowds of the main exhibits.

fun la wedding venue

A significant attraction of the Academy Museum is that it brings you close to the action of cinema, with costumes worn by stars and exhibits designed to inform you on the history of the movies and engross you in the inner workings of the industry. These offer insights into the background of Los Angeles as well as one of its staples, steeping your wedding in its setting and providing fascinating entertainment to surround it. For a fun LA wedding venue, there’s no better pick than the Academy Museum.

Fun LA Wedding Venues

The Academy Museum is just one of an uncountable number of fun LA wedding venues. As Los Angeles’s most experienced wedding officiant, I can recommend you an equally uncountable number of Southern California wedding venues. From Los Angeles to Orange County wedding spots, from quirky venues like the Academy Museum to traditional banquet halls resplendent with ostentation and glowing in luxury, I can perform your Southern California wedding ceremony anywhere you’d like. Call me at 562-547-3255 to arrange your wedding today.