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Crescent Bay Point Park, situated on a bluff in beautiful neighborhood, is a place to have the best Laguna Beach wedding. Though it is just a few blocks from the busy highway, the homes seclude it from the noise and the traffic which makes it a perfect place for a serene marriage ceremony.

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As the best Laguna Beach wedding officiant, I have been a part of many weddings at Crescent Bay Point Park. It’s a little tricky to get there. After passing through Newport Beach and its ritzy resort hotels and boating clubs, the development starts to vanish and you soon enter a stretch with almost no buildings, where the nature is still intact and the ocean views are unobstructed. This is Crystal Cove, another great Orange County wedding venue.

But if you head further down past Crystal Cove State Park, you will enter Laguna Beach with its hilltops lined with homes with million dollar views. After less than a mile, take a turn on Crescent Bay Drive and you’ll find the park.

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Once you enter the park, you can walk along the path through the grass fields to the point. The views there are sweeping – you can look inland towards the hills and the quaint tourist areas of Laguna Beach, or you can look outward over the sea, far enough away from the city that it remains pristine and unmarred by pollution. Crescent Point juts outward into the sea and there are beaches on both sides. One is only accessible by getting to the other and walking across the less-than-secure rocks, often submerged in the high tide, that wind around the granite wall below the point.

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Crescent Bay is only a couple blocks away from Heisler Park and only a mile from the center of Laguna Beach, a perfect spot to find a wedding reception venue or grab a celebratory bite to eat if you want a smaller wedding party. There are dozens of restaurants to choose from, ranging from casual fare to fine dining, making it a great town to have your best Laguna Beach wedding in.

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The Orange County coast is dotted with waterfront gems like Crescent Bay Point Park. Standing at the point and just taking a glance down the coast, you would be able to see a dozen other alcoves that would be perfect spots to tie the knot. You can learn more about great Orange County wedding locations by clicking here.

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