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Along the stunning coast of Orange County in the seaside town of Laguna Beach sits Heisler Park. Heisler Park is a popular Laguna Beach wedding venue in one of the best areas in California – and the nation – to get married. Thousands flock to Laguna Beach every year to experience its beauty and unique flavor, and you can be married amongst it.

laguna beach wedding

Laguna Beach, with its quaint atmosphere, beautiful homes, and dazzling natural beauty, is a top destination for Orange County wedding ceremonies. While it has the same upscale spirit that much of Orange County is know for, it maintains the beach town vibe that often feels lost from other nearby cities.

While Huntington Beach and Newport Beach can often feel like sprawling metropolises with skyscrapers and megaresorts taking the place where greenery used to be, Laguna Beach feels much more connected with nature. And nowhere is this more immaculately encapsulated as in Heisler Park.

laguna beach wedding

Although adjacent to the main thoroughfare, parts of the park are secluded from the traffic by a formidable row of hotels and resorts, keeping the beachside quiet and calm. A vacationer can step out of their room and feel infinitely remote from the hustle and bustle of the world in Heisler Park.

Driving out of the rugged nature reserves of Crystal Cove State Park and into Laguna Beach’s laidback charm, you’re already almost next to Heisler Park. The park lines the beachside bluff of northern Laguna, covering about half a mile of palm trees, promontories, walking paths, and yellow sands.

laguna beach wedding

Everywhere, in every direction, Heisler Park offers spectacular views. The ocean spreads out interminably and glistens in the sunlight. Picturesque beach and towering cliffsides continue for miles to the south. And above them, houses dot the otherwise luxuriant hillsides.

On the beach or on the bluff, among rocks or in the sand, under a gazebo or in the open air, Heisler Park provides plenty of unique niches in which to hold your Orange County marriage ceremony.

Laguna Beach Wedding

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