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If you’re looking for a Long Beach marriage venue with with superb cuisine and a great atmosphere, Saint and Second has got you covered. Saint and Second, a massive two-story American eatery on the 2nd Street row of restaurants at the intersection of St Joseph Avenue, is at the heart of Long Beach’s gourmet food scene.

long beach marriage

The first thing anyone wants to know about a restaurant is its food. With so much competition on 2nd Street and the rest of Long Beach, Saint and Second still manages to stand out. They draw inspiration from around the world to craft hip and unique dishes that won’t stay on your plate for long before they’ve found a permanent resting place in your stomach. I’ve been there multiple times and never been disappointed by what I was served.

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But in addition to the food, what makes Saint and Second such a great venue is its colossal size. The first story and the ground level outdoor seating alone can hold a large party of people coming from a wedding or other event. But walk up the staircase and you’ll find a beautiful and spacious outdoor patio. The restaurant could accommodate a small village’s worth of people, so you shouldn’t have any problem scheduling your event there.

long beach marriage

Saint and Second, along with the rest of 2nd Street, does get busy, so make sure to contact them in advance about holding a wedding or a wedding reception there. Their patio dining option can hold and feed up to fifty of your closest friends and family members, the perfect location for a Long Beach marriage or wedding reception.

Long Beach Marriage

As an extremely experienced Los Angeles and Long Beach marriage officiant and as someone who has eaten here many times, I would be happy to perform your restaurant wedding ceremony at Saint and Second or anywhere else in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, or Southern California. Contact me today so I can help you obtain a Los Angeles marriage license and set a date and location to solemnize your Los Angeles wedding.