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Best Wedding Officiant in LA

Being the best wedding officiant in LA, I have the chance to explore some of the most unusual and enjoyable places around the city. Angel’s Flight Railway in Downtown Los Angeles isn’t just a stunning, unique and beautiful place to get married – it’s a story to tell, with a history and attraction that few other venues can match. As the world’s shortest railway, stretching diagonally downward from the top to bottom of Angel’s Knoll, a lush hillside park in one of L.A.’s most industrious districts, Angel’s Flight excites the curiosity of people from all around the world without losing any of its charm as a local landmark and effective, if pleasantly brief, mode of transportation.

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When I’m in the area for a wedding as the best wedding officiant in LA, it’s impossible not to notice and admire the uniqueness of the railway and the surrounding park in the active urban landscape. In an unusually steep slope of land where once many locals resided, Angel’s Flight Railway has survived over a century and drastic developments in the city, and today only appears more pleasantly unusual. The park itself is a gorgeous reprieve from the constant buzz of the city, a serene place where a wedding can be held in visually stunning yet comfortable surroundings. All sorts of plant life circles the park, keeping it refreshing under and around the railway.

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First established in 1901, the railway is a remnant of a time when brief, old-fashioned metro lines covered much of Los Angeles’s urban centers. Over the years, it’s made appearances in plenty of movies and TV shows, from Kiss Me Deadly and Dragnet to La La Land in recent years. Though its level of activity has sparked and waned as repairs and improvements have been added, Angel’s Flight remains a novel site for a conveniently quick wedding.

Going up? You’ll find yourself in no time at an intricate courtyard among the towers, with plenty of seating and resources for a big ceremony. Going down? You’ll be ready for an after-wedding meal for your guests, just across the street from Grand Central Market, one of my absolute favorite spots in L.A. for food of all sorts.
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Angel’s Flight and Knoll together make for an intriguing, never less than exciting, oddity in the Downtown L.A. landscape. In a place otherwise dominated at all times by the demands of commerce and city life, my experience has shown me that the park and railway are exhilarating for their simplicity and universal appeal. Besides its worldwide fame, it feels like an undiscovered landscape within itself. Whenever I’m tired of being flat on my feet running around the city as the best wedding officiant in LA, I know where to go to feel some vertical movement. Nothing beats the view from up top!

Best Wedding Officiant in LA

Planning to get married at an iconic LA wedding venue like Angel’s Flight? I can help! I’m available to officiate wedding ceremonies all throughout Southern California, especially in the LA area, where you’re likely to find as many unique, surprisingly beautiful wedding venues as there are neighborhoods. As a wedding officiant in LA I have experience taking part in all sorts of events, whether they be simple ceremonies at home, family extravaganzas in large venues, or romantic retreats by the sea, and I understand that though tradition and ritual are important parts of a wedding, each couple and their ceremony is different.

Wedding venues like Angel’s Flight are spread out throughout the Los Angeles area, but you don’t have to have a hassle searching for them. As the best wedding officiant in LA with over thirty years of experiences, my website has a long list of venues that can help you find the site that’s right for you, to be found here. The diversity of locations in southern California is amazing, and wherever you end up getting married, my experience as an ordained minister and officiant should be helpful. You can call me today at 562-547-3255 or contact me with this form.