Bixby Park – Easy Long Beach Elopement

Bixby Park - Easy Long Beach Elopement 1

Is there a better place for a Long Beach elopement than Bixby Park? I’d say probably not. When you get married, the first thing you hope for in a wedding venue is that it looks beautiful, but obviously there are other concerns. You want the location of your ceremony to be available, to have a level of privacy and personality beyond its picturesqueness. In this regard and others I can think of few better places to be married than Bixby Park.

Long beach elopement bixby park
It’s location in a hip part of town, it’s ocean views, and the all the green space it has to offer make Bixby Park great for Long Beach elopements.

I would know – I walk through it all the time, on walks to Long Beach’s namesake, a stretch of the shoreline called Junipero Beach, which can be seen from its southern end. But I don’t visit the park just for what you can see from it. What can be seen in it is just as attractive.

Long beach elopement bixby park

The first thing you’ll notice about Bixby Park is the way it’s as vast as any great community park but also diverse. Even though there’s a unity to the park, it’s also sort of like 4 parks in one. On its northern end is a beloved dog park, a fountain area and a set of small hills and trees that give you a good idea of the pleasant terrain there. From the right vantage point the park can seem nearly flat or full of lumps and slants, but just like there’s room for wide open spaces and hubs of activity in a park like this one, both can be true.

Long beach elopement bixby park

In the park’s busy middle section is the skate yard, the playground, the park center, and one of the park’s most striking features, the architecturally beautiful stage. You can host a large audience in the wide open platform facing a stage built in classic Spanish mission style. A couple days of the week it hosts the bulk of a thriving farmer’s market, but for the purposes of your ceremony or reception it will be normally free of intrusions.

For my money though, the centerpiece of Bixby Park is nothing but the basics. The 3rd quarter south of the park is refreshingly free of distractions and full of wide open space, trees and grass that fill nearly your whole periphery and immediately calm you from whatever your hectic day may have been.

Long beach elopement bixby park
The best thing about the park is that it gives you a lot of options – you can enjoy nice designs, a sense of community, or a simple view. But from my perspective nothing beats the appeal of the space and imagery of the park. Bixby Park, with its great location and beauty, is a fantastic venue for a Long Beach elopement ceremony.

Long Beach Elopement

Looking for the best wedding officiant for a Long Beach elopement? You’ve come to the right place. As a resident of Long Beach for the most of my life and a wedding officiant for just as long, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the city both for my job and during my free time.

It’s a beautiful city replete with modern wonders and historical treasure, stunning homes and beautiful public spaces. A Long Beach elopement is perfect for residents and visitors to Los Angeles and Orange County.

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