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As an ordained minister who has officiated thousands of LA wedding ceremonies, I always love a wedding at a city hall. They’re pieces of history that are preserved with time even as new development remakes the face of the city. And luckily for us, we have one of the most stunning city halls in the world right here in Los Angeles.

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The Los Angeles City Hall isn’t just the center of governmental activity in the Los Angeles in an area in downtown LA that stands as one of its best hubs of cultural activity. It’s an open, peaceful, and picturesque landmark that towers above the city which provides a perfect space for an intimate wedding ceremony. I’m in downtown Los Angeles on a weekly basis when a couple calls for an ordained minister, and the city hall remains one of my favorite buildings.


Your wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be in the spacious interior of the building. It can be held on the vast gardens, lawns, or winding pathways in front of it. Though it’s always a popular destination for visitors in Los Angeles, and for good reason, there’s a surprising tranquility and easygoing atmosphere to the open space, where anything from a full scale wedding celebration to an intimate ceremony for family and friends is right at home.

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A location like this has more to offer than just its beauty; there’s always something to catch your eye around City Hall. Recently in between weddings I was walking by the park in front and noticed a strange scene: only 20 feet away, a well-dressed, clean-shaven man was standing off against an unkempt biker with a leather jacket and a long beard. Then I noticed the camera behind them, the lighting equipment, and the massive crew of Hollywood professionals standing around.

Before I could ask anyone around me what they were filming I noticed all the other passers-by were well-dressed, almost impossibly so, and circling back and forth the courtyard but never moving beyond it. “They were all extras,” I thought. When I tried to return to the area later a crew member told me I had to go around. Asking around later, I found out it was a Netflix production for “The Lincoln Lawyer.” If they ever need an ordained minister on set, I guess they know who to call.

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Not that scenes like this would ever be an intrusion to your wedding. The park is grand and diverse enough for space to always be available for your needs, no matter what’s going on next door, but its tranquility never distracts from the connected nature of the city center. If you’re interested in exploring the city hall from the inside (or just exploring DTLA as a whole), you’ll find it to be a unique place. Sometimes its calm and sometimes its chaotic, but it never leaves a visitor without something to do.

What makes the Los Angeles City Hall such a special venue for your wedding is its mixture of garden serenity and urban scale. Look above you and you might see high-hanging trees to give you shade, or intricate historic buildings, like the Los Angeles Times office just across the street. Look back down around you in the plaza and you’ll find that whether big or small, any wedding benefits from some room to breathe. If you need an ordained minister, I can help you with that.

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