Weekday Weddings

We often officiate Weekday Wedding Ceremonies.

It’s not unusual at all. In fact, it’s quite common to not join the millions who get married on the weekend. Why not a Monday wedding? or a Wednesday Wedding? or a Friday wedding? Any day of the work week is fine with us.

Small weekday weddings: sometimes it’s for convenience, sometimes it’s an emergency, sometimes for a destination wedding, sometimes for wild romance, and sometimes for quirkiness. We call them lunchtime weddings because you can easily go on your lunch break from work, unmarried, and return to work married, and nobody needs to know. You can elope anywhere in Southern California by calling us and we can make it simple for you.

For many people, a wedding is just a big hassle. They often want to avoid a big affair. We make it easy for you to have any kind of wedding ceremony that you want to have. We have officiated and provided the marriage license for couples who marry at their favorite table in their favorite restaurant, in lobbies of large buildings, on the top of skyscrapers, across somebody’s work desk, on park benches, in parking lots, outside the courthouse, and even on traffic medians. One of the perks of a weekday wedding is that beaches and parks are less crowded.

weekday weddings
Chris can meet at your office or anywhere in Southern California during weekday weddings.

Consider our elopement package. Our convenience to you is that we can help you avoid all the hassles of a typical wedding by showing up when it’s convenient for you, issuing you a confidential marriage license and filing it. We make it very easy. We just need some basic information and your signatures.

We perform:
Monday Weddings
Tuesday Weddings
Wednesday Weddings
Thursday Weddings
Friday Weddings

and of course, Saturday weddings and Sunday weddings.

Give us a call and let’s arrange a midweek wedding that fits for you.